Save water with garden irrigation systems

August 20, 2010

If you want to save on irrigation costs, here are some ways you can do just that. And not only will these save you money, but they’ll also save you time and effort so you can enjoy your garden.

1) Reuse bathwater:
Also known as greywater, water from the bath, shower, hand wash basin, and laundry is often a forgotten water source for irrigation. Each person in a household typically uses about 250 litres of water per day which at the end of the month adds up to quite a hefty water bill. This water is usually sent to waste with the sewage, however it is becoming standard to reroute this water for garden irrigation. All good greywater irrigation systems are automated.

2) Automate your lawn irrigation system:
Automatic lawn irrigation systems can be costly upfront, but they’ll save you a significant amount of both time and money in the long run, especially when it comes to conserving water. You can, of course, simply drop a lawn hose or sprinkler into the middle of your lawn and let it do its thing, but an automatic lawn irrigation system is going to control the amount of water so that you only get the amount you need, and so that there is minimal evaporation to worry about. (Rainbird irrigation)

3)Use hardy plants that don’t need much water: (Plant Buffalo instead of kikuyu)
You can landscape your lawn beautifully by using hardy plants that don’t need much water and are drought resistant. (Red Daffodil, Green Perspective)

4) Use drip irrigation:
Drip irrigation simply uses tubes that have release points near places that need the most water. These systems use batteries to regulate flow and also prevent water from backing up and contaminating fresh water. Drip irrigation systems can use greywater but require further filtration.

5) Use rainwater:
You can of course simply “let it rain” when you want to water your lawn or garden, but if you want to save the rainwater that comes off your gutters. No longer do you need to put the collection container under a downspout as certain rainwater harvesting systems now offer users to hide their rainwater tank almost anywhere on the property.

Even when water is scarce (and of course we all want to conserve water these days), you can have a beautiful lawn and/or garden at minimal cost. Simply be smart with your irrigation methods, keep your lawn and/or garden happy, and be mindful of water conservation and expense at the same time. Ofter investing in a reliable system makes solid financial sense as they pay for themselves within months but you also receive the pleasure of a great looking garden.

Water saving garden irrigation systems

Water saving garden irrigation systems

Call your Water Rhapsody dealer to have the system that will work for you.


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