Rainwater harvesting at the Constantia Waldorf School

August 21, 2010

Constantia Waldorf School recycling centre

Constantia Waldorf School Recycling Centre

The newly build Constantia Waldorf School Recycling Center is setting a trend for the of recycling. This is a vision driven by a parent of a student attending the school. Unsorted recyclable  goods can be dropped off at the school recycling center where it is then sorted into various piles for collection.

Recyclable goods sorting area

Recyclable goods sorting area

The profits generated form the centre will be used to compensate the friendly helper who sorts the recyclable goods and to pay for further eco-sustainability systems.

The Recycling centre accepts all the usual recyclable matter including batteries, light bulbs, bread bag clips and e-waste.

As an educational and eco-sustainability tool the recycling center harvests its rainwater that falls on the roof of the brown box collection room and stores the rainwater in a water tank. The rainwater will be used for rinsing, garden irrigation and making sure sorters are able to walk away with clean hands.

Rainwater harvesting at recycling centre

Rainwater harvesting tank (Constantia Waldorf School)


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