City of Cape Town adds Water Rhapsody to water saving tips list

September 14, 2010

“Install a multi-flush mechanism in the toilet. A multi-flush device allows the user to choose exactly how much water goes to waste when pressing the handle.”

“Collect rainwater for re-using on the garden or washing the car.”

The City of Cape Town environmental resource management department has added Water Rhapsody products to their list of water saving tips.

Water Rhapsody is dedicated to water conservation in a fight against imminent water scarcity. They are the leaders in greywater reuse and recycling systems for both garden irrigation (drip irrigation systems included) and toilet flushing.

Other products include state of the art rainwater harvesting systems, pool backwash recycling tanks as well as the Multi-Flush, a toilet flushing devise that allows the user to flush according to their production.


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