Cape Water Solutions is an approved Water Rhapsody franchisee servicing the greater Cape Town area.  Our WWF green trust award winning water saving systems include the “Water Rhapsody Garden Rhapsody” – grey water reuse for irrigation, “Water Rhapsody Grand Opus” – rainwater harvesting and reuse of water inside the home, “Water Rhapsody Second movement” – the reuse of grey water for toilet flushing, “Water Rhapsody Multi-flush” – interrupted flow toilet flush, and “Water Rhapsody Poolside Tank” – for the cleaning and reuse of pool water usually lost while backwashing. With our flagship systems we are able to reduce your municipal water consumption by up to 90%.

Our corporate philosophy is to minimize water use without a change in lifestyle. This is our definition of a win-win scenario. In our journey towards social sustainability we are looking at minimizing our overall environmental impact. This requires us to use less natural resources, to support local initiatives, and educate our community to safe guard our environment. We are committed and take pride in facilitating this journey through the provision of high quality water saving products and systems.

If you feel you are paying too much for water, and you’re looking to reduce your water bill, we have the means to give you a solution that will suite you needs.

For an obligation free quote or product enquiries, contact Alje van Hoorn

We invite you to explore our site and see which products would work best for you. Click on these links for further information regarding grey water recycling or rainwater harvesting.


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