The Water Rhapsody Poseidon Advantage is a complete greywater reclamation system ideally suited for carwashs.

Waste carwash water is process to remove oils, sand and suspended particles, resulting in clear high quality water that is ready for reuse. As much a 70% of the total wash water is reclaimed, the other 30% is lost to evaporation and spray during the the washing process.

The systems works in 3 stages.

  1. Large heavy particles are drawn the the bottom of the carwash sump while emulsified oils are draw out of solution, floating to the top, to be skimmed off.
  2. The waste water is sent for primary digesting in anaerobic chamber and then for secondary digestion in an aerobic environment.
  3. Once sufficient Bio-Digestion has taken place the waste water undergoes a clarifying process where all suspended solids are taken out of solution. This clear water is then send back to the washing station for reuse.


Vodacom carwash recycling system century city

Vodacom carwash recycling system at Century City, Cape Town

waste water reclamation system


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